Global Talent Markets Fueling Present Opportunity for U.S. Companies

The business world has become a much smaller place in a relatively short period of time. With the proliferation of broadband internet and high-speed cellular networks, business has become virtually borderless, and even small-scale companies are able to participate in global talent markets while also searching far and wide for new customers.

Given that so many U.S.-based companies are actively pursuing international clients, it stands to reason that there is an opportunity – and possibly even a moral obligation to local citizens – to seek labor beyond U.S. borders. Rather than think of globalization as a dirty word, or a political cudgel, managers hiring knowledge workers should consider all the ways that staffing a diverse group of domestic and foreign workers can benefit a business.

First, and most simply, companies that open their doors to international labor exponentially expand the talent pool available to them. No longer limited only to employees who happen to reside in the U.S., businesses who consider talent abroad can gain an advantage over competitors who may not have similarly expanded their search.

Additionally, many of these workers offer language skills, knowledge of regional bylaws and customs, as well as the soft skills that may allow them to create cultural connections that would elude Americans . Even if your company doesn’t do business outside the U.S., chances are that many of your clients do – or hail from other countries themselves. Building a geographically-diverse workforce equips any operation with superior capabilities to address a wider variety of business scenarios.

And because the best and fastest way to expand any company is through a conscious global strategy, hiring contractors operating remotely outside the U.S. should be considered essential for businesses with a growth mandate. By onboarding contractors from the regions that are being targeted to help drive new business, a company builds the necessary staffing infrastructure to connect with and meet the needs of these new regional opportunities. Moreover, this hiring strategy allows a company to tap into those workers’ contacts and networks, which is critical for immediately cultivating new customers and, in some cases, helping legitimize a U.S.-based business on foreign soil.

Why place artificial limits on the scope of any hiring search? Why hire and train American contractors to do business with international clients when a company can remotely access the local knowledge of foreign nationals? And why wouldn’t any company with designs on growth explore global markets – both clients and labor – as a means to drive new business?

It can only benefit companies to at least be open to the idea of hiring international contractors. Even for those starting small, there are benefits to taking a bigger swing and trying to reach global talent markets. Thinking locally? Hire globally. And for businesses with something grander in mind, the labor search must match that vision in scale. Go global.

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sgruenGlobal Talent Markets Fueling Present Opportunity for U.S. Companies

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