How to Win Over AI During the Hiring Process

This article originally appeared in The Sun in April 2023. 

ARTIFICIAL intelligence has hit headlines with Tesla boss Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak calling for a six-month halt on research into it.

But the tech is already used to screen job app­lications.

Here HR expert Tim Rowley, from the platform, reveals how to win over the AI hiring managers.

1. Include your LinkedIn URL in your CV.

AI bots can check your LinkedIn profile to verify content in your CV, confirm your contact details, and identify connections who can be strong references.

2. Use AI tools to optimise your CV and cover letter.

Tailoring these can take time, so explore AI chatbots and prompt them to help you alter the wording you use.

But ensure what the bots suggest is still accurate.

3. Put your skills in context. Nowadays bots are advanced enough to analyse your skills.

Ensure you list yours and also demonstrate how you use them at work.

4. Prepare for your first interview/screening to be by AI.

Consider using ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, to generate a set of common questions, based on the job description, to practise answering.

Bots can also be trained to evaluate your clothes so dress appropriately.

5. Maintain a professional online presence.

Because AI can alert employers to undesirable or inappropriate social media content.

If you’re interested in working with AI to make the most of your job search, join the PeopleCaddie Talent Network and receive notifications for jobs you’re interested in.

kmulletHow to Win Over AI During the Hiring Process

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