Return to Office Not For You? Try Contract Work

It has been a long 18 months since the pandemic arrived in earnest, and by now we’re all yearning for more signs of normalcy – even if that means a return to the daily grind. But many of us aren’t quite ready to return to the office. Whether it’s health concerns, the discovery of remote-work benefits or something else, a lot of American workers are still hesitant about embracing office life again. Some may even look around at their new normal – extra time with the kids, no more brutal commute, schedule flexibility that allows for a workout or a nap – and wonder if they’ll ever go back to the old ways.

But as certain employers have begun mandating vaccines and more workers are faced with the prospect of a forced return to the office, it may be time to ask yourself a question: Would a remote contract role be right for me?

Perhaps remote work isn’t just a preference. Maybe you choose not to get vaccinated based on religious reasons, or over health concerns. If an employer draws a line at vaccination, you may need to begin considering alternatives. Conversely, an employer may have minimal COVID protocols, and it could be that you’re squeamish about going back into the office and risking exposure. In either case, contract work may be the best option for you.

Mandates are bound to have a cascading effect that leads employees to make tough choices and precipitates significant worker migration, in and out of office jobs and staff positions. That flux figures to create openings for skilled, experienced professionals who hadn’t previously considered contract work to begin making their marks as contractors. For lifetime office workers, the opportunity to break away and experience the freedom and flexibility of remote work and the contracting life has arguably never been easier or more compelling.

One of the simplest ways to get started, while building up the most exposure and driving the greatest demand for your services, is through a talent cloud. PeopleCaddie makes it easy to set up a profile, showcase your work history, projects and skills, and get connected with employers who are looking for contractors like you. And the longer you’re in the cloud, the more great work you put in for clients in the network, the more likely they’ll come back to you for more – and that others will respond to your glowing reviews and begin enquiring about your rates and availability.

Contracting success doesn’t occur overnight. But we’ve reached an inflection point for contract work, and with a true partner like PeopleCaddie helping to guide your independent contracting career, you can feel confident making the leap and start anticipating all the perks that come with the contracting life right away.

Looking to transition from a full-time role to contract work? Check out PeopleCaddie’s list of contract openings.

sgruenReturn to Office Not For You? Try Contract Work

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