Contractor Ratings Integral to Gig Economy

Shopping today is easier than it has ever been. No matter the product or service, it’s likely available for instant perusal and purchase through a website or app. Order groceries with a few clicks, swing by the store and have them loaded into your trunk. Browse home insurance policies online, apply and get same-day approval. Virtually window-shop for books, restaurants or landscaping services, comparing prices and customer ratings and reviews. That’s the sort of resource that would be invaluable to a human resources department – a sort of CarFax for the gig economy. Think of it: an online repository of qualified contractors, searchable by rates and ratings, with reviews from past employers, all at the fingertips of hiring managers. In fact, that’s exactly what PeopleCaddie provides – contractor ratings. 

By now, the pain points for HR are well established: When a business requires a contract or freelance worker, it often needs that resource now – if not yesterday. The hiring manager can’t afford to waste time surfing through candidates the company can’t afford. Yet cost isn’t the only consideration. Only prospects with the requisite skills and experience will do. Culture fit? Of course. But who has time to line up and conduct interviews after spending hours whittling down a list of candidates that fit the proper profile?

PeopleCaddie, in a manner of speaking, takes care of the whittling for you. With a proprietary platform that allows for matching based upon rates, contractor ratings, skills, and availability, PeopleCaddie allows an HR professional to transform the hiring experience – from casting a commercial fisherman’s net into a sea of talent to shooting fish in a barrel.

You can make the entire hiring process more efficient, while achieving better results. Be assured of a comprehensive and detailed job history from a service that includes ratings from  its candidates’ previous employers. Get a read on a contractor’s previous performance and key competencies without the need for contacting previous managers. PeopleCaddie helps quantify qualitative decisions, making an initial search far simpler, but it actually turns up more and better information when employers are ready to drill down for details.

Consider: You probably don’t make a purchase from Amazon without at least glancing at a product’s rating, and possibly scrolling through a handful of reviews. Undoubtedly, you’ve never opened your Yelp app to find a nice Thai place nearby and settled on a 2.5-star restaurant. In that same sense, PeopleCaddie helps focus your employee search, while providing the tools and aggregated, crowd-sourced data to learn more about the candidates who rise to the top.

It’s a service that benefits contractors as well. Ever felt lost in the never-ending cycle of recruiting services calling and emailing with job openings you aren’t interested in, giving lukewarm, uninformed accounts of your work to employers that aren’t really a fit anyway? Or, worse, maybe you aren’t even in the sights of headhunters at all. PeopleCaddie removes the go-between, capturing and displaying first-hand recognition for your jobs well done, putting your contractor ratings in front of the right hiring managers and making direct connections to the job leads you want.

For hiring managers, finding quality skilled contractors in a growing gig economy, when it should be harder, is actually getting easier. A talent cloud that intelligently and instantly narrows your search, providing accurate and detailed information you can’t get anywhere else – including comprehensive employment history, ratings and reviews – suddenly makes shopping around the job market a less daunting task.

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sgruenContractor Ratings Integral to Gig Economy

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