Candidate Testimonials: An Interview With an Experienced Senior Assurance Auditor

PeopleCaddie is proud to be able to help and guide each of our candidates throughout their whole career journey. We interviewed Nathan, an experienced auditor (CPA) at a top 10 firm, to see what he had to say about his experience with the PeopleCaddie team. Read on to learn more about Nathan’s journey!


What has been your experience related to the ease of finding a job with PeopleCaddie?

The online platform was easy to navigate, [and working with the team made] it a seamless process from onboarding to guiding me through life as a contractor… I highly doubt that other staffing agencies offer this personalized touch.


Have you noticed any differences or similarities in the pay rate of opportunities from PeopleCaddie vs Permanent Jobs? 

There is no comparison – working 5 months (during busy season [for PeopleCaddie]) where 50+ hour weeks were common) equated to just about what my annual salary was in the same position at my old firm.


How would you describe the quality of the engagement (job) with PeopleCaddie?

The quality of the job was top notch, as it was with one of the largest accounting firms in the world. So much so that I accepted a full-time position at the conclusion of my contract.


Could you talk about your overall experience with PeopleCaddie?

I had a very positive experience and it was everything I had hoped for and more. From the ease of getting a contract, to actually performing the work and being well-compensated, and to it being a springboard to the next phase of my career, it was an experience I don’t take for granted and would pursue again in the future.


What would you say to other contractors thinking about using PeopleCaddie?

Do it! You won’t regret it.


About PeopleCaddie

PeopleCaddie operates a rapidly growing contingent labor marketplace for highly-skilled, independent business professionals who enjoy the excitement and flexibility associated with being a part of the gig economy.

pcadminCandidate Testimonials: An Interview With an Experienced Senior Assurance Auditor

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