A Game-Changer for Contractors: The PeopleCaddie App

For freelancers, it sometimes feels like finding work has more to do with luck than skill and experience. Whether it’s jockeying with countless other contractors in responding to a “web developer needed” post or getting in the good graces of the right recruiter, hunting for freelance work can feel like pulling the handle of a slot machine.

It doesn’t have to be that way, of course. In fact, with its updated app and more reliable, merit-based job search strategy, PeopleCaddie is changing how independent contractors interact with preferred employers. By allowing freelancers to spend more time working and less time juggling job postings, recruiters and invoicing, the new PeopleCaddie app is revolutionizing how business gets done in the gig economy.

At a time when we can conduct banking, order groceries to our door or even find companionship directly from our smartphone, why shouldn’t we also be able to easily find professional contract job opportunities, and connect directly to the client searching for a resource? No more “spraying and praying” or talking to countless staffing firms only to have your resume lost in their database.

PeopleCaddie’s latest mobile app has supercharged your job search. Instead of a contractor having to spend countless hours scouring job boards, it uses notifications to let users know that a new job meets their requirements, or when an employer indicates interest in their work. The app also handles the bane of every freelancer’s existence: getting paid for their work.

Taking on a new client has long meant listening to a gut feeling, crossing fingers and hoping to have your invoices paid in full in a timely manner. With PeopleCaddie, contractors are paid biweekly, and they can focus on delivering quality work and building meaningful relationships with employers rather than sending invoices and often, becoming your own personal collections department.

And in addition to modernizing the search for contract work, the application update provides users enhanced security, geographic searches, room for more references and customizable notifications. It’s the bigger, better toolbox freelancers never knew they needed.

And as always with PeopleCaddie, independent contractors can build out their profiles with skills and experience, becoming more visible and, ultimately, more sought after. Employers can leave reviews and feedback, making it easier for other potential employers to find proven gig workers.

Let’s face it: The contract work search as we once knew it was a pain. Few things were more frustrating for a freelancer than handling admin duties when they should be earning or endlessly checking for responses from headhunters and HR personnel. But just as technology has improved our lives in so many other ways, it’s now helping freelancers do business better. The PeopleCaddie app update has changed the game for contract workers.

sgruenA Game-Changer for Contractors: The PeopleCaddie App

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