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Talent Cloud Advantageous for Seasonal, Project Work

Hiring is hard. Managers, human resources professionals and business leaders of all stripes understand the tedious nature of identifying, onboarding and retaining quality talent. For companies whose workforce needs ebb and flow along with the fluctuations of market demand, that challenge becomes doubly difficult. But there’s an emerging technology that is a boon to these businesses: the talent cloud is advantageous for seasonal and project-based work. 

To reduce expenses or to enable them to pursue additional revenue, more businesses are employing independent contractors to meet their seasonal and project-based needs, and the workforce continues to gradually warm to the gig economy. But this doesn’t make hiring any easier. In fact, the sheer number of candidates makes tracking and matching talent complicated, slow and prohibitively expensive for most HR departments.

Modern problems require cutting-edge solutions, which is why many businesses are turning to talent clouds to fill their staffing needs. Particularly for companies seeking candidates for seasonal, temporary and hard-to-fill positions, working with a talent cloud may be the most efficient, affordable and hassle-free way to hire.

Here’s why:

Match expenses to revenue. Every company should have at least one clear goal: optimize investment in a workforce to fit with the needs of the business. But in many industries, the work isn’t steady. Take tax accounting. Business heats up in January, when tax documents begin pouring in, and then peaks in April, when the deadline arrives for everyone to file with the IRS. But the demand for CPAs wanes from there, forcing accounting firms to make a choice: pay employees the same amount for less work or adjust the size of the workforce to align with the workload. When skilled contractors are available on demand through a talent cloud, that choice becomes a no-brainer.

Reliability. As previously mentioned, finding capable contractors is an enormous challenge. The antiquated practice of posting a job ad, identifying quality candidates, vetting, interviewing and hiring is as slow-moving and labor-intensive as it sounds. Over the years, it’s also been proven to be a hit-or-miss enterprise. At PeopleCaddie, for instance, our technology platform features a repository of proven, highly-skilled contract workers, matching them with specific client needs based on ideal fit, onboarding, payrolling, then keeping them connected going forward to minimize the friction associated with using a contractor again. A talent cloud helps a business find the right contractor and avoid any lag in production or workflow.

Ease. Any technological advent is designed to simplify a task, reduce labor or build in convenience. A talent cloud can do exactly that for most professional businesses. PeopleCaddie creates a turnkey relationship, identifying the best contractors for its clients, maintaining that customized labor pool on a digital platform and empowering employers to instantly add proven talent at the push of a button. A talent cloud handles both the front-end sourcing, vetting and the back-end processing of contractors, removing the guesswork for an HR manager and reducing tax and accounting paperwork. At PeopleCaddie, we also provide candidate reviews and ratings from previous employers and allow clients to stay connected to preferred contractors when they click with a company or bring unique talents to certain projects.

With talent clouds like PeopleCaddie, companies have no need to hunt for talent, no haggling over pay, no mountains of paperwork and no surprises. Clients get the contractors they need, for only the amount of time they need them, with none of the hoops-jumping or uncertainty that was once part and parcel to the hiring process.

If you believe that your company could benefit from PeopleCaddie’s talent cloud, please go to to learn more or contact us.

sgruenTalent Cloud Advantageous for Seasonal, Project Work

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