A New Addition to the PeopleCaddie Family

We are proud to announce that our Director of Recruiting, Travis Moya, and his lovely, well-accomplished wife, Molly, recently welcomed a new addition to their family.

Emma Louise (pictured below) arrived on May 1st, and weighed in at an impressive 9 lbs. and 1 ounce. Emma and Molly are both doing well.


At this point, it is too early to say who she looks like, but anyone who knows the Moyas can hazard a guess as to who we are rooting for.

We congratulate the Moyas and welcome Emma to the PeopleCaddie family… and as a token of our affection, PeopleCaddie will happily divert Travis’ commissions into the college savings plan of his choosing.    


About PeopleCaddie

PeopleCaddie operates a rapidly growing contingent labor marketplace for highly-skilled, independent business professionals who enjoy the excitement and flexibility associated with being a part of the gig economy.

pcadminA New Addition to the PeopleCaddie Family

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